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Harry Potter Wi-Fi names & Passwords

The book is loved by almost every folk of all age group. The plot is amazing and people love almost each and every character of Harry Potter. In short, the Potter mania is not over, Harry Potter has become a household name, people are so much in love with the character that now they actually interested in giving their Wi-Fi names and passwords after it.

You will be surely surprise to know that there are more than 100 billion of Wi-Fi names after the J.K. Rowling’s brainchild Harry Potter. Harry Potter WiFi name is a unique and funny way to share your access credentials with your folks. You can also use these as harry potter passwords.

Best Harry Potter Passwords & wifi Name

Here are some cool names which you can use as Wi-Fi names and password too.

  1.    The Floo Network

It is cool to share the name when someone asks for it. The Floo Network, it is a clever play on words and a proof to showcase your Harry Potter Love.

  1.    Accio Internet

Can you beat this name as a password, definitely not? Accio Internet is a quirky name to keep for Wi-Fi too.

  1.    Expecto Patronum

Begin a J.K Rowling fan you would be very well aware of the term “Expecto Patronum”. It is the significant spell used throughout the series. It is a way to summon the animals, go for it.

  1.    DobbyisaFreeElf

Imagine a witty password or wi-fi name as DobbyisaFreeElf. Isn’t it cool to see that your laptop or smartphone is connected to DobbyisaFreeElf? You surely are going to have a good laugh.

  1.    Go Away You Muggle

Well, this is a cool way to shoo away all the unknown folks from your Wi-Fi. This name is definitely going to keep the people away from your Wi-Fi

  1.    Engorgio

The term Engorgio which means growing charm can be used as Wi-Fi name. As the name suggests if anyone tries to engorge into the target beyond a particular point, it gets violently exploded. Thankfully, there is no exploding in real time but yeah, you can warm the unknown folks about it by naming your Wi-Fi as  Engorgio.

  1.    Lord Voldemort

Who doesn’t know Lord Voldemort, he is the most famous fictional character in the history of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Well, no one will dare to connect with Lord Voldemort. If you want to add a secret password you can make use of it too.

  1.    Obliviate

Oh!! How cool is the Wi-Fi password Obliviate? It is basically a spell which can easily erase all the memory of someone either partially or completely. Share this password with your friend and check out the reaction.

  1.    YerAWiFiHarry

Try naming your Wi-Fi as YerAWiFiHarry, just similar to “Yer a wizard, Harry.” it is a famous quote which no Harry Poetry lover wants to erase from their memory.

  1.    Locomotor Mortis

Locomotor Mortis is a nice and catchy name which you can give to your Wi-Fi buddy. This makes the best wi-fi password too.

  1.    Connecto Patronum

This is a slight variation of Expecto Patronum. A cool way to stay connected with your Wi-Fi. Just imagine, you come back home and your laptop quickly gets connected to the Connecto Patronum. Cool, isn’t it.

  1.    Alohomora

Alohomora is a famous spell which helps to unlock things in the Harry Potter series, Alohomora will surely make an amazing password for your Wi-Fi.

  1.    Expelliarmus

Expelliarmus is again a defensive spell which literally means to disarm the opponent. If you don’t want others to log in to your Wi-Fi, you can name it as Expelliarmus.

  1.    Stupefy

Ouch!! This is a rude name which can be given to the Wi-Fi, but the term “Stupefy” surely will name a creative Wi-Fi name.

  1.    Avada Kedavra

Avada Kedavra is a terrific curse which will name a nice Wi-Fi password. The term means I destroy as I speak. This Wi-Fi password is surely difficult to crack.

  1.    Repello Muggletum

This is again a cool charm to keep away all the Muggles from your Wi-Fi zone. Try out Repello Muggletum as your Wi-Fi name.

What are you waiting for, name your Wi fi  from the above mentioned list and enjoy !!

Updated: August 9, 2018 — 10:42 am

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