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Bobby Deol

“I have realized that most people here are hypocrites. They are sweet to you on your face. But the moment your back is turned, they start bitching about you.” (Filmfare Online, Oct. 1999) Son of screen legend Dharmendra, brother of actor Sunny Deol and actress Esha, Bobby Deol has walked a rocky road to success […]

Fardeen Khan

“I’m old enough to know what I’m doing. It’s not that I do things without thinking. I broke the law, I got caught, I paid the price for it but now I’ve got to move on.” (Hindustan Times, June 15, 2001) Son of actor and producer Feroze Khan, Fardeen is a relative newcomer whose performances […]

Aamir Khan Biographies !!

“This is a false allegation [that I interfere with directors’ work]. This is very unfair. I am not interfering at all. I do ask questions which some people may not be very comfortable with but I have a right to find out details about the role I play. Don’t I? Some directors may not know […]

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