Udaya TV Kiladi Kids 1st Episode 17 Sep 2017: New Kids Reality Show

WATCH Video Udaya TV Kiladi Kids 1st Episode 17 Sep 2017,New Kids Reality Show : Kids of this generation are very fast, comparable to 4G speed! They are mostly like power houses – a never-ending bundle of energy. Be it studies or dance or singing or acting, they excel at just about anything that piques their interest. In order to bring out the hidden talents of such energetic kids, several reality shows have been conducted all over the world that have promised to channelize the kids’ energy to their interested fields.

Udaya TV Kiladi Kids 1st Episode 17 Sep 2017

Udaya TV Kiladi Kids 1st Episode 17 Sep 2017

Udaya TV Kiladi Kids 1st Episode 17 Sep 2017

With Maja Talkies, Comedy Kiladigalu & Drama Juniors making good popularity for some of the satellite channels, here is most popular television channel Udaya TV coming with, Kiladi Kids that excavate the talent, show the education in them, sports, stunts, music abilities. Kiladi Kids is telecast in Udaya TV from 17th of this month on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

Suitable Platform For Kids

Every kid has an innate talent adhering to his character. Likewise, Khiladi Kids is an apt platform as it does not limit the scope for performances of kids.

Here, kids are allowed to display their talents in any field, be it dancing, singing, action, stunts, physical and mental endurance etc. Each kid will be judged individually based on his scope of talent.

Who Are The Judges?

Two female actors, Nitya Ram and Jyothi Rai will get to judge the performances of the kids on the show. While Nitya Ram is an actress in the successful serial Nandini, Jyothi Rai is a successful actress in the serial Jo Jo Laali.

Show Timings

Starting from September 17th, Khiladi Kids will be telecast on Udaya TV on every Saturdays and Sundays at 9:00 pm. If you like watching kids perform various art forms, then mark the date and time.

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