Singam 3 Review By IMDB, Behindwoods, Greatandhra, Idlebrain & Tamil Glitz

Singam 3 Review By IMDB, Behindwoods, Greatandhra, Idlebrain & Tamil Glitz: Singam 3 is a 2017 Tamil language action and masala type movie, which is written and directed by Hari. A sequel to Singam II and the third film in the Singam franchise, it stars Suriya, Anushka Shetty and Shruti Haasan in the lead roles.

Surya Singam 3 Review

Surya Singam 3 Review

  • Movie Name: Singam 3
  • Cast: Surya, Anushka Shetty, Shruti Haasan, Radha Ravi, Mehaboob Nassar, Janaki Sabesh, Raadhika Sarathkumar
  • Director: Hari Gopalakrishnan Nadar
  • Release Date: 09 Feb, 2017

Suriya Singam 3 (Si 3) Movie Review

Suriya (Durai Singam) as a wild and ferocious cop has been promoted to Commissioner (Crime Branch) will make a beeline for Vizag to explore the murder of the previous Commissioner of Vizag. Throughout examination, He unfurls the riddle over the murder which involves to the international mission. What’s the arrangement about the mission and why was the Commissioner killed frames the core of the story.

Climax Of the movie

  • Nara Simham versus Vittal loud and high dose of scenes going on.
  • Suriya looks really good in cop style.
  • Shruthi Haasan falls in love with Nara Simham in opening shot of the movie, finally realizes that Nara Simham is a married person.
  • Comedian Soori used for the comic relief in the film throughout.
  • Story moves back to India. Nara Simham kills second vilian Sharat Saxena. – Nara Simha

The movie has some real life incidents attached and is also going international in terms of crime and action. Director Hari has made sure that he adds enough thrilling action and comedy so that every section of the audience will be impressed. The presence of beautiful actress Shruthi Haasan, Anushka and several other talented stars has made this move the much awaited of 2016 and 2017 season.

#Si3 #Singam3 1st half – Singam @Suriya_offl rocking totally as usual. The police investigation scenes are super! ‘One day action’ takkar.

#Si3 #Singam3 1st half – Picks up steam really well. @Suriya_offl’s action & punchlines? “Pesitrukom la, pombala mela kaivekkira, Thappilla”

Singam 3 Final Verdict: A power packed entertainer film with the best story outline. In addition, the performance of actor and actress is the best part. You cannot see this type of performance delivery in his rest of his movies. The twists and tales of the movie will never leave you bored.

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